Dear customers! This is a Frequently Asked Questions section, which we have created for your convenience. If you could not find an answer to your question, please contact our customer service by e-mail:

Question 1: What is the difference between Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian goods?

Answer 1: We can answer your question with full confidence:

  • Origin: Scandinavia (History – Nature – Culture) 
  • Unique taste and high-quality production, where only environmentally friendly production materials are used 
  • Originality and uniqueness, as well as special Scandinavian design 
  • All the goods sold by Scandinavian Goods online store meet all EU quality and environmental standards 
  • Popularity and prominence all over the world

​Question 2: Is it safe to buy from Scandinavian Goods online store?

Answer 2: Be sure that making purchases in our online store is absolutely safe. Scandinavian Goods online store has and adheres to internal safety rules, which have been specifically designed for our company. We use a cipher code on the Internet and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, the purpose of which is to ensure safety of personal information you provide, when you make a purchase. The information about your credit cards is used only by the financial institution through a completely secure connection. As soon as your order and payment are complete, all the payment information will be locked for further use.

Question 3: Is full registration required on to make a single purchase?

Answer 3: No. You can make a purchase by only indicating the receiver’s full name, postal address, phone number and e-mail. Full registration is intended for informing our permanent customers about ongoing changes in Scandinavian Goods online store and special offers (promotions, discounts on certain items, new goods, etc.).

Question 4: What payment methods are accepted in Scandinavian Goods online store?

Answer 4: We offer several options to pay for your purchases:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Mobile Pay
  • Invoice service
  • Credit and Debit card payments

Question 5: Will I have to pay extra (taxes, fees, etc.) in addition to the prices specified in Scandinavian Goods online store?

Answer 5.1: European Union (EU) countries. You will not need to pay any additional fees or taxes. All the prices shown in our online store include VAT (value added tax). Only the shipping cost is added to your order.

Answer 5.2: Non-European Union (EU) countries. All the prices shown in our online store will not include VAT (value added tax). When receiving an order, the buyer is fully liable for the payment of the customs duty. We strongly recommend to contact Customs Support Department of DHL or FedEx in your country and clarify the conditions of collecting customs duties.

Question 6: How to calculate the shipping cost of my order?

Answer 6: Shipping cost are calculated automatically at the initial stage of order placement after you select the destination country.

Question 7: How long will processing and shipping of my order take place?

Answer 7: Your order will be processed and shipped to the Delivery Service within 48 hours after receipt of your payment. It is quick, easy and convenient to shop in Scandinavian Goods online store. The delivery time depends on the shipping service you have selected, you can find details about delivery times here.

Question 8: Can I exchange my product or get back money for the product purchased in Scandinavian Goods online store?

Answer 8: Yes, of course. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase and the appearance and end-user performance of the product is intact, you can return the product within 14 days of its receipt. If you are going to exercise your right to return your product, you should pay all shipping costs (except, when the product is damaged or there is a manufacturing defect). Please note that food products is no-returnable and non-refundable except for the goods, which were damaged during shipping.

Question 9: What shall I do, if I receive a damaged order?

Answer 9: Let us consider two cases:

If your shipment was delivered with signs of external damage, you must immediately file a complaint to the Delivery Service and refuse to accept your shipment, then contact our customer service by e-mail: and tell us what happened. Then we will immediately send you a replacement or refund the cost of the product and its delivery.

If your shipment was delivered without signs of external damage, then the seller is completely responsible for the damage to your order, meaning that you have the right to full refund (return of full cost of your product and its delivery) or new shipment of the same product at our expense (at the seller’s expense).

Question 10: Can you deliver to my country?

Answer 10: We offer shipping of our goods to over 220 countries of the world. You can check it out at the initial stage of order placement or when you sign up for our website.

Question 11: What happens if I am not at home, when my order is delivered?

Answer 11: If you are not at home, when your order is delivered, the courier of the Delivery Service will leave you a note that you have missed the delivery, and you will be asked to contact the Delivery Service to reschedule your delivery and choose a delivery time at your convenience.

Question 12: I have a registered company in an EU country with a valid VAT number. How can I pay for my order without VAT?

Answer 12: If you are an owner of a company registered in one of European Union Member States, 0% VAT will be applied to you automatically, when you buy in Scandinavian Goods online store, as you are buying goods within the Community. For that, when you sign up for our website you will have to specify the name and VAT number of your company.

Question 13: Does Scandinavian Goods online store provide a combined shipping discounts?

Answer 13: Yes, of course, we give our buyers a combined shipping discounts (the more you buy, the more you save - save up to 99.9%).

Question 14: Can I cancel my order?

Answer 14: Yes, of course. You can cancel your order without indicating the cause thereof within 24 hours of receiving a confirmation of the order, if the order has not been sent to the delivery service. In case of cancellation of an order, the seller will return the cost of the product(s) and delivery to the buyer, deducting cost of the order cancellation which is 25% of the total order value.

Question 15: If I was unable to receive my order and it was sent back, will I be able to get my money back?

Answer 15: Any order returned to the seller due to the fault of the buyer, i.e. the buyer ordered a prohibited product(s) for import into the country of destination of the order, the buyer provided an incorrect shipping address or the buyer did not perform other necessary actions to accept the order, will be considered by the seller as a refusal of the buyer from his (her) order. In case of refusal of the order, the total value of the order is non-refundable.

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